The organizers of the 2023 Hume Conference invite those who would like to comment on or chair a session, including those who have submitted a paper, to contact Amy Schmitter at amy.schmitter@ualberta.ca. Note too that the program committee can still accept paper submissions on an exceptional basis through January 20 (please use the submissions link on the conference website). For those who may be unable or unwilling to travel, the organizers are working to allow on-line participation, although they hope to be able to welcome most participants in person. The organizers would also like to remind graduate students and early career scholars about the Mentoring Program pairing them with an established scholar for help on a paper; the Hume Society can offer some financial help for attending mentees.

Papers are welcome on any topic relating to the life, times and thought of David Hume, and particularly on the themes for this year’s conference:

      1. Hume and Affectivity
      2. Hume and Asian Philosophy
      3. Hume and the Human Sciences

Papers should be no more than thirty minutes reading length (4000 words) and should be submitted with an abstract (200 words). All self-references should be deleted for anonymous review. Papers and abstracts must be submitted in English. Papers should not have been published by the date of the conference.

Hume Society Young Scholar Awards are given to qualifying graduate students whose papers are accepted through the normal anonymous review process. Instructions for submissions will be posted soon at https://humeconference2023.byu.edu/. For further general information please check out https://www.humesociety.org/. If you have further questions regarding paper submissions, contact Hsueh Qu at hsueh.qu@gmail.com. For questions concerning the location and hosting of the conference, please contact the local organizers at katie_paxman@byu.edu.